Behsaz Machine Company was initially founded in 1986 in purpose of servicing and repairing the Dairy machinery of factories throughout the country. The company started manufacturing the equipment soon after 1989 such that became a leading in providing installations for the Dairy, Juice and Soft drink industries after a short while.



Behsaz Machine Company with more than two decades of experience, employment of modern technology and also with cooperation of GEA AHLBORN Company of Germany is considered as a reliable producer of Dairy and Beverages equipment. This company is under license of GEA AHLBORN Company of Germany in the major of heat exchangers.



Behsaz Machine Company is known as a reputable company all over Iran and its installations and equipment have also been exported to countries which have to follow high standards.



Behsaz Machine Company  has installed and run more than 800 plants.

  • Various Types of mono-section and multi-sections Heat-exchanger systems used in the Dairy, Fruit Juice & Paint Industries
  • Pasteurizing Systems, 300-25,000 L/hr Capacity (manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic PLC)
  • High Pressure Homogenizing Systems,?00-10,000 L/hr Capacity
  • Membrane Processes (UF,RO)
  • Behmix Turbo Digi System in gas taking of Soft Drinks
  • Various Filters of Liquids and Water Filters
  • Blender, Finisher, Deodorizing Units
  • Various Centrifugal Electro-Pumps
  • Executing Various Lines of CIP (manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic)
  • Planning and Executing Production Lines of Food Industries


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