BEHMIX Turbo Digi


Carbonator is applied for automatic production of carbonated beverages and water from syrup and water. All types of soft drinks, natural and flavoured mineral water can be processed by Behmix. This system equipped with three separate vessels and a dosing center in which preparation perform through the following stages:

1 st stage : Vacuum tank of Deaerator ( tank 1) with extent of 0.5 bar.

2 nd stage : Water filling the tank of Deaerator along with cooling water by plate cooler and deaeration of cooled water with vacuum pump.

3 rd stage : Gas taking of Co2 water ( tank 2 ) and adjustment of Co2 gas through Co2 Gas Regulator.

4 th stage : Sending vacuum and cooled water to Co2 Gas tank for gas taking.

5 th stage : Sending syrup with Berix 55-60 to balance tank of dozing pump.

6 th stage: Feeding dozing pump by two separate part that will adjust with inverter and control Brix.

7 th stage : Gas receiving of exit product from dozing pump in last stage by ready soft drink ( tank 3) as a final gas taking.
Syrup Filter

One of urgent requirements of drinking industries is treatment of product for taking its impurity (sediments) and fading non desire smell before applying any further operation.

In this regard, syrup filter element device is used that include candle form filters.

The filter media is fine powder made of, for example, (DE) diatomaceous-earth. In general, the principles is in such a way that, water treatment perform together with DE to accumulate powder around filters- dust taking- and circulate in system.

After determined period and cutting circulation in syrup, syrup enters into system and passes with pressure among filters and treated.

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